Troupe théâtrale

Cultural Solidarity

Committing to culture and enabling access for all

When allied with all the potential of digital technology, culture is a wonderful tool for breaking down barriers, and helps with social and professional inclusion. Culture brings together wide-ranging audiences across all geographies, establishing dialogue between countries and communities.
The Foundation seeks out and supports bold and innovative projects; it promotes talented young artists, musicians and authors.

Since its creation, the Foundation has committed to vocal music by supporting young artists and helping to share music with others with our support for festivals and opera houses.  
The Orange Foundation’s cultural philanthropy has broadened over the years.

In the field of literature and reading, the Orange Foundation supports young authors with three literary prizes:  the Orange Book Award, the Orange Book Award in Africa, and the Orange Comic Book Award.
Our platform is a place for French-speaking readers to meet and talk.

Partnering with museums, we popularize culture by bringing art into hostels, schools, social centers, and more.
Our courses, online conferences and creative activities are both entertaining and educational, enabling everyone to learn about topics as varied as Impressionism, Louis XIV and Hip Hop.

Learn about how we support culture

Musical sponsorship 2022: supporting young artists and providing access to music for everyone
Supporting young authors, promoting literature in all its richness and diversity, and helping provide access to books.
Developing and disseminating new ways for everyone to access culture.