The calendar of calls for projects

In order to guarantee the exemplarity and transparency of its decisions, the Foundation has put in place calls for projects and brings together selection committees for each of its programs. :

  • digital inclusion programmes for young people in integration, women and schoolchildren
  • support programmes for people with autism: integration through work, digital education, housing, etc.
  • cultural programmes: support for new talent, democratisation of literature, museums and music
  • maternal and child health programmes in Africa

They meet two to four times a year, depending on the calls for projects schedule, and consist of individuals selected for their skills in the fields concerned.

All projects supported by the Foundation are formalized through a legal agreement, and are monitored and evaluated.

Every year hundreds of projects are supported across the Orange footprint.


Calls for projects

We are currently working on the evolution of our commitment axes.
The next calls for projects will be communicated to you shortly.

  • Digital Schools - Date of the committee : 18th april 2024
  • Women’s Digital Centers - Date of the committee : Date to be determined
  • Jobs of Tomorrow 2023- Date of the committee : november 2023
  • Solidarity FabLabs 2023 (International)- Date of the committee : may 2023
  • Music Festivals in Africa - Date of the committee : mid march 2023
  • 2023 Digital Schools (International) - Date of the committee : end of march 2023
  • 2023 Women's Digital Centre (International) - Date of the committee : end of march 2023


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