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We are helping young French authors, showcasing their talent with the Orange Book Award.
Since 2009 this prize has been awarded to a novel released in the winter literary season, written in French, and published in France. Chaired by Jean-Christophe Rufin, the prize involves both readers and publishing professionals.
It provides visibility for emerging talents who have not yet become well-known. An unusual feature is the diversity of the prize jury: with 16 members including booksellers, writers, and readers. The winner is awarded a prize of €15,000 and their book is promoted in the press and online.

Since 2019, we have been running the Orange Book Award in Africa to promote young, francophone African authors and local publishing in Africa. This prize is run with support from the Orange Foundations in French-speaking Africa, which organize reading committees tasked with selecting the books.
These committees are made up of authors, journalists and booksellers. The winner of the Orange Book Award in Africa is awarded €10,000 and their work is promoted.

Established in 2020 in partnership with the French National Center for Books (Centre national du livre - CNL) on the occasion of the Year of the Comic Book in France, the Orange Comic Book Prize  is awarded to a work in French that is published in France or Belgium. This €5,000 prize gives visibility to emerging new talent in the world of comic books.
The prize covers all types of modern comic books, including graphic novels, manga, and traditional comics. The prize jury is made up of authors, booksellers, and readers, with a different chairperson every year: Florence Cestac in 2020, Séverine Vidal in 2021, Catel in 2022, and Coco in 2023.



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More than 250,000 people subscribe for free to (translating as, which helps share and distribute literature’s wealth in all its diversity and multiplicity. introduces authors working in areas that are important and current.
The site enables web-users to follow the news about our 3 literary prizes and to take part, particularly by joining the judging panels. also offers the classics in digital format (ebooks), as well as podcasts and videos helping with access to reading and writing.


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Supporting young authors, promoting literature in all its richness and diversity, and helping provide access to books.
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