Published on 18 May 2020

Thank you to the Solidarity FabLabs in Africa & Europe!

In early April, the FabLabs showed all their enthusiasm and solidarity by developing visors for healthcare workers. So we decided to financially support 52 of the Solidarity FabLabs in our international network, who were keen to start producing the visors. Thanks to the exceptional mobilisation of the teams and the digital equipment 220,000 visors have already been produced and this effort is opening up new prospects…

Strong mobilisation in ten countries

Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Tunisia, France, Poland, Spain… Thank you to the people of the Solidarity FabLabs in Africa, the Middle East and Europe who came together in the face of the emergency!
From the production to the delivery of the protective equipment, hundreds of volunteers pitched in every day to help their local healthcare workers.
We would like to congratulate our partners: the Solidarity FabLabs, Solidarity Third Places, associations, volunteers, seamstresses and makers, all worked intensively while maintaining social distancing and following protective measures.




Visors and more

The first protective equipment to be produced by the Solidarity FabLabs were the visors. But the digital manufacturing potential, the help from the foundation to purchase the materials and the commitment of the volunteers helped to produce fabric facemasks, gowns, shoe covers, door stoppers, non-contact thermometers and gloves.
We are proud to support 129 Solidarity FabLabs in 19 countries since 2014. Our sponsorship has allowed young people in integration programmes to gain access to free training in this new form of apprenticeship and digital manufacturing.



This movement opens more than ever, perspectives in a new world where proximity, short circuits and the sense of collaboration take on a new meaning today.