Making digital technology a driver of equal opportunity


These days digital technology is all around us. The Orange Group is proud to contribute to its development but is also aware of its own responsibility.

That's why the Orange Foundation is committed to the social and professional integration of people in difficulty.
How? Through education, training, access to knowledge and health programs that leverage the full potential of digital technology.

As a digital solidarity foundation, the Orange Foundation has been a driver of the Group's social engagement since 1987.


Our open calls for projects

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We are currently working on the evolution of our commitment axes.
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Our philanthropic priorities


Digital Solidarity

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Troupe théâtrale


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Health and Autism

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- The Educational Library

A space for resources and collaboration, designed by and for those involved in digital solidarity.

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- Hello Culture

Discover, learn, and share with online courses, conferences, and fun and creative activities.

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Reading tips, daily discoveries, new talent, and awards for committed literature.

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