The Solidarity Third Places

We support digital and cultural projects run by these training centres in rural areas of France. Working on the principle of “doing together” these Solidarity Third Place offer access to academic support, digital manufacturing and artistic creation, for example. They are open, located in communities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants and free of charge for everyone in social and professional integration.


Les Tiers-lieux


These alternative places act as hubs for meeting and exchanges, where anything is possible. Their highly open model mixes the different audiences and encompasses teleworking and co-working spaces, FabLabs, accelerators, incubators, etc. and can accommodate all kinds of activities and events.

They are constantly evolving with our partners, and locally available resources.
As a digital solidarity foundation that is also committed to cultural philanthropy and inclusion, we believe that community and creativity are real levers for inclusion.


Les Tiers-lieux
Les Tiers-lieux
Les Tiers-lieux


We are currently working with our various partners (local authorities, associations and the economic and cultural world, etc.) to develop the concept of Solidarity Training Centres to support those facing challenges associated with digital inclusion, cultural discovery and the revitalisation of territories.

We support 61 Solidarity Third Places throughout France.



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