Published on 23 November 2021

Digital Centers: 33 new projects selected in France

maison digitale chatillon france


The digital training offered at our Women’s Digital Centers alongside our charity partners helps women without qualifications or a job. This year, we have selected new projects in two categories:


Consolidating existing Digital Centers

To consolidate in-person or remote group workshops already offered to women at the Digital Centers.

Creating new Digital Centers

To deploy our program.


In all cases, we offer a training course for adults (with teaching resources) and online learning methodology in 4 areas: rights, duties and digital parenting, looking for a job and professional integration, cross-functional skills (French, math, etc.).


We are funding 33 new projects in France for 2022

33 projects were selected by our committee out of 54 projects shortlisted from all submissions to the Foundation’s platform. They will be implemented in 2022:

  • 14 to consolidate existing Digital Centers
  • 16 to create new Digital Centers
  • 3 national projects on teaching content and trainer training.

Our overall support totals €350,450.

Using digital technology to get vulnerable women back into society and work: 3 examples

One of our new projects to consolidate an existing Digital Center is aimed at women working in prostitution in Martinique. We have funded €20,000 worth of equipment and €5,000 for trainers at Mouvement du Nid Martinique.
The purpose of this digital training is to offer 30 women IT courses, access to rights and language lessons so they can escape the violence and precarious social and economic situations holding them back. This includes exercises by level and by theme (“How do I write an email?”, “Writing a CV”, etc.). The lessons can follow the women’s progress and target their issues to build weekly IT courses linked to learning French.

The Mobile Digital Center is a new digital training project for women in remote rural areas and problem neighborhoods by CIDFF Pyrénées-Orientales in Perpignan, which has received our funding of €8,600.
In 6 communes in the region of Perpignan, the Mobile Digital Center will support women who are digitally illiterate with refurbished tablets + an Ultrabook and a portable video projector.

The “DesCodeuses” project will create a new Digital Center, with an association which supports vulnerable young women in Saint Ouen, with the support of sponsors including SAP & BNP Paribas. We are contributing to this promising professional integration project by offering €25,000 to the association Tech de Lead. It will help 16 women from problem neighborhoods into digital jobs, in 3 stages:

  • sourcing and remobilizing beneficiaries, with a week of workshops on raising awareness of digital opportunities, self-esteem and learning the digital basics
  • 6-month technical training in cybersecurity jobs
  • socio-professional support and a 6-month internship to put their new skills into practice.

So far, 90% of women trained by this association have found a job after the program, increasing their earnings by 40%.